HDH Labs is an ISO 9001 Certified, ISO 13485:2016 Certified, ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited, AS9100d Certified and ITAR Registered laboratory. Our efforts to continually improve our processes and quality program are paramount to our successes as a dedicated dimensional inspection laboratory. HDH Labs will never compromise the integrity of the inspection by taking short cuts or using inferior methods in order to get the job. HDH Labs represents quality, integrity, and value.

Our inspection department was developed with one thing in mind, so you could come to one spot for any dimensional services. Be assured all inspections are of top quality and guaranteed. Should you be interested in reviewing our quality manual, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US and we will return to you with available dates and times to join us at the lab for a review.

As an example of our efforts to maintain the highest levels of quality possible, we have detailed out some of the standards that we adhere to during daily operations:

  • Always adhere to GMP and Quality System Requirements
  • Generation, storage and management of calibration records
  • Technical support system available and updated regularly
  • Customer satisfaction processes continually monitored and updated
  • Facilities cleanliness processes continually monitored and adhered to
  • Lab personnel held to high standard of training and continually monitored
  • Processes in place for standard and sensitive materials handling
  • Processes in place for release of materials to approved inventory
  • Processes in place to ensure full traceability

Above all else, we place a significant value on transparency and meaningful communication with our customers. There is never a time where you should find yourself without a direct line of communication to your representative at HDH. We strive to reply to all requests immediately and accurately but under no circumstances should you find yourself without an update to your request within 24 hours of a business day.

Materials Handling Summary


  • Verify the part quantity received matches the customer P.O. If quantity is different, notify the customer.
  • Obtain and review the itemized drawing to understand the inspection requirements.
  • Create the Job Portfolio for the inspection and acquire signature from the Lab Manager.
  • Print serial number labels for each part to be inspected. Label information should include: Project number, part number, part revision number (if applicable), serial number, and lot number (if applicable).
  • Print the Inspection Checklist and check it off as the inspection progresses.
  • Create inspection program (if applicable) and save it to HDH database. Refer to the Program Detail Form for inspection setup and official Program Name.
  • After inspection, download and save the inspection results.

Standard Part Handling:

  • Wear protective gloves when handling all parts at all times.
  • If part needs cleaning prior to inspection, check with he customer for approved cleaning solutions to use on their parts, i.e. Isopropyl Alcohol.
  • Part should be handled with care and remain free from damage during fixture setup and throughout the inspection.
  • Assign a serial number to each part prior to inspection to ensure full traceability. In the case that the serial number label impedes inspection, the part should be tagged immediately after inspection.
  • After part inspection is complete, repackaging should be identical to receiving condition.

Sensitive part/material handling:

  • Clean, nitrile gloves are only permitted when handling parts.
  • Visually inspect the surface prior to handling to ensure there are no fingerprints or defects present.
  • Confirm quantity received before inspection and that it matches the quoted quantity. If quantity does not match, inform Lab Manager for further instructions.
  • Never leave parts unattended or keep container open while part is not being inspected.
  • Ensure all surfaces that come into contact with parts are clean. (Refer to inspection checklist)
  • Prepare serial numbers and correct bags/containers and tags to ensure traceability of each part inspected.
  • Bags/containers are to be free of any debris or particles before placing any part into the bag.
  • After a part is finished with inspection, place part into serialized bag and seal the bag entirely prior to placing the part into the designated job box for full traceability.

*Notes – For all sensitive part/material inspections, HDH obtains and follows customer specific protocols for approved containers, container preparation, approved cleaning solutions, and pre-dimensional inspection visual inspection standards.

All employees at HDH Labs are required to undergo training and prove proficiency on an annual basis and to the most modern standards. All positions at HDH Labs demand knowledge and training on Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), ISO and other regulatory requirements.

Metrology Lab Technician

Technicians are required to be proficient in GD&T and blueprint reading.

Supplier Quality Engineer

Quality Engineers are required to undergo training on the Quality System Manual and implementing documentation processes to scale HDH Labs’ efficiency, as well as GD&T and general training.

Metrology Lab Technical Lead

Our Technical Leads undergo training on operation and programming of our CMMs and Vision Systems.

Metrology Lab Technical Manager

Our Technical Manager undergoes training on the operation and programming of our CMMs and Vision Systems, Artifact Inspection, GD&T, Operator Evaluation, and Safety.

Metrology Lab Quality Manager

Our Quality Manager undergoes training on the Quality System Manual and assesses processes documentation, as well as GD&T, managerial and general training to oversee the success of our quality engineering program.

ISO 9001 Badge for Dimensional Inspection

HDH Labs is an ISO 9001
Certified Laboratory.

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HDH Labs is an ISO 17025
Accredited Laboratory.

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HDH Labs is an ITAR
Registered Laboratory.


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