Aerospace, automotive, and medical are industries that are governed by strict requirements for manufacturing and quality assurance. We have a wide range of inspection capability to conduct dimensional inspection services. Our first article inspection report has full traceability of equipment and calibration dates.

Automated CMM Programming

At HDH Labs, we picked Zeiss Calypso to program contact inspection CMMs, Nikon Automeasure for non contact vision CMM, and Zeiss Colin 3D along with Geomagic Control X for 3D CAD scanning and programming. All of our softwares are programmable and allow us to quickly and economically inspect large quantities of a given part. Our advanced cmm programming capabilities offer a meaningful savings in turn-a-round time and cost as well as accuracy in repeatability.

3D Scanning

We operate our scanning department with the latest sensor technology for simple and reliable 3D data capture. All of our procedures conform to Quality Assurance Standard for Digital Product Definition at Boeing Suppliers. Our engineers can combine scan data from the latest Zeiss Comet, Nikon NEXIV Laser, and Vast Gold continuous touch-probe configuration from Zeiss CMM to a single STL for inspection or a rendered model for reverse engineering.

On-Site Services

We offer Zeiss Calypso programming with Direkt, RDS, and Active sensors. We can program at our lab and setup at your facility. Due to our wide range of resources, we also offer 3D point cloud programming with the newest applications.

Training & Consulting

We offer CMM training and inspection principles. We are happy to host training at our facility on our machines or we can set up an in-house training at your location.

Reverse Engineering

Expanding on our scanning department capabilities, Reverse Engineering is a focal point at HDH Labs. Everyone from aftermarket parts manufacturers to research and development engineers appreciate our complimentary Part-to-CAD 3D reporting. Reverse engineering services that we offer include; Scanning and digitizing, 3D Solid Modeling, Dimensional Measurements and Engineering Drawings. Our lab is equipped with laser scanning systems, white light scanning systems, CMM's, and contour tracers.