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With the new ZEISS SPECTRUM coordinate measuring machine you get the highest quality from leading technology with a MPE-E0 of 1.9+L/250 for all machine sizes. In addition, the scanning technology with ZEISS VAST XXT allows form measurement error for roundess with a RONt of 1.8 µm for 5/5/6 and 1.9 µm for all other sizes – ideal for rising demands on better quality and productivity.

The combination of ZEISS VAST XXT and ZEISS RDS-C5 CAA increases the flexibility and reduces operation time of measurements enormously. It also enables a wide range of measurement tasks for even more complex parts.

— Zeiss


Unique in its class: RDS with Computed Aided Accuracy (CAA) allows an interpolation of positioning qualification with around 5184 possible angles. It enables more positions for probe head rotation, reduces calibration time and increases operation time dramatically. The scanning sensors also come with CAA functionality and will shorten qualification time – up to 12 times faster than usual: approx. 12 min for full qualification and 5 min for re-qualification.


ZEISS SPECTRUM includes various tactile sensors including ZEISS VAST XXT and XDT. The scanning function of ZEISS VAST XXT is focused on efficiency and more reliable measurements: Informative, higher quality data is quickly detected about the measured part. It delivers higher reliability and repeatability due to elimination of measurement errors through single point measurement.