HDH Labs earns medical device specific ISO 13485:2016 and aerospace specific AS9100d.

HDH Labs is so pleased to announce that after months of hard work to update our QMS to the strict standards of the medical device specific ISO 13485:2016 and aerospace specific AS9100d, we have officially been awarded our ISO certificates.

Per our Director of Sales & Marketing, Bryan Lowe, this makes HDH one of only two dedicated metrology labs in Southern California that we know of to have earned these credentials and we cannot be more excited to be able to leverage this commitment to quality for the benefit of our Med Device and Aerospace customers.

"Although we have always been committed to servicing the med device and aerospace sectors, we wanted to instill next level peace-of-mind in our current and future customers by strengthening our credentials beyond those that are required of us."

— Giac Nguyen, President & CEO, HDH Labs

Please see below for some of the updates that we have made to our QMS and the lab itself:
  1. A heightened focus on lab cleanliness.
  2. Monitoring of air quality and particles in the air.
  3. Personnel are all required to wear lab coats, clean nitrile gloves, and ensure clothing is covered at all times.
  4. Full traceability of each part beyond the requirements of the customer.
  5. Full validation of all software and procedures specific to medical device protocols detailed in ISO 13485:2016.

We hope that our commitment to these sectors is not just apparent in the actions that we have taken to obtain our ISO 13485:2016 credentials but also in the impeccable service that we strive to provide on a daily basis.

We look forward to the possibility of working with you on a project in the near future. Please do not hesitate to be in contact with us if we can assist in any way.

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