Dimensional Inspection Check List

The following information is a check list of items to consider prior to requesting a quote for dimensional inspection services. Our goal with this simple check list is to ensure our customers are considering items that will not only help us to best serve them but also to help our customers understand where savings can be had should they approach the request for services from a current and future needs perspective.

"It's important to let us know if you expect to need routine inspection in the future on parts that we're measuring for First Article Inspection as this helps us when it comes to considering fixture solutions and cost savings that can only be realized with repeatability."

— Bryan Lowe, Director of Sales & Marketing, HDH Labs

  • Engineering Drawings: Prior to being able to provide a quote, we will almost always ask for engineering drawings of the part or parts to be inspected. Ensure that you have current drawings and the features of interest are identified clearly for our review. In addition to these features, are there any specific flag notes that we should consider? If so, please ensure the flag notes clearly communicate the desired deliverable.
  • NDA: Is a Non-Disclosure Agreement required for us to be able to review your drawings? If so, please ensure that you have a current Non-Disclosure Agreement available for our review and execution.
  • ASL: Does your company require that HDH Labs is formally entered into your Approved Supplier List prior to engaging in business with us? If so, please ensure that your representative at HDH is in receipt of all necessary application forms so we can promptly supply all necessary information to your procurement team. We typically furnish a supplier questionnaire package specific to the customer, W-9 Form, ISO9001 Certificate, ISO17025 Certificate, ISO 13485 Certificate, AS9100d Certificate, ITAR Registration, DUNS Code, SAM.gov Registration, CAGE Code and an invitation to visit our lab for a site inspection and full review of our quality manual.
  • Type of Inspection: Consider what type of inspection that you need. We typically break this down into two main categories:
    1. First Article Inspection which can also be referred to as 100% inspection of all features.
    2. Inspection of Features of Interest which can also be referred to as critical dimensions and are typically highlighted on engineering drawings of the part or parts to be inspected during the quote process.
  • Quantities: Consider the quantities that you may need inspected now and into the future. HDH Labs is able to provide a price break at quantities due to the programmability and repeatability available within our equipment and software. If we save time, you save money.
  • Lead times: Consider the lead times that your project requires now and into the future. Our lead times are considered some of the best in our sector, however we’ll need to know if you expect expedited service. Please note that lead times can be effected by part quantities. If you ask us to quote a single part inspection and require a 1-2 day lead time on the part, note that this lead time will only apply to the single part inspection project and production level quantities of the same part in the future could result in a longer lead time. We’d prefer to quote lead times on those quantities at the start of a project to ensure we’re supplying the most transparent information as possible. Often times, we can make educated guesses on quantities based on regulatory requirements, such as the AQL guidelines.
  • Part Handling: Do your parts require special handling procedures? HDH Labs takes great care in handling parts and maintaining full traceability of each and every part that enters/exits our lab, however we should be made aware of any special part handling procedures that are required of your parts so we can pre-flight our inspection sheets with your unique part handling instructions for our technicians’ use.